Julie Kaminski

A Note from Julie

counselor, coach, consultant

Julie Kaminski is about making happy, healthy, sexy easier.  I will help you find the tools, tricks, tactics and tips that work for you and for your home.  You are unique and what inspires to be your best is also unique.

For over twenty five years I have been an ACE, (American Counsel on Exercise) certified instructor and trainer. The addition of a Master in Counseling Psychology and licensure as a Wellness Coach brought together the full appreciation and knowledge base on wellness and well being.  It is this combination of education, experience, and passion that come together as a unique skill set in the field of wellness and well-being.  I love what I do - inspiring people to be happier and healthier.

As a mother of three balancing family, marriage, work, home and self, the ideal lifestyle is elusive. But I value my health and happiness. And I believe that if you are as happy and healthy as possible, the natural fallout is a feeling of flourishing...the quiet confidence that you can handle the world with an authentic “I love life” attitude. And that is SEXY, regardless of body size, heel height or fashion trend. If you are flourishing, those around will experience the positive domino effects.  We all deserve, NEED, to feel happy, healthy and yes....sexy.

The Flourishing Home is about getting your home to work for you.  Everything under your roof matters, whether you realize it or not.  Your home can support or deter your efforts for improved wellness and well-being.  Experience has helped refine the tools, tricks, tactics and tips that I offer that work in the real world.  I will help you make inspired spaces for enlightened living.

Inspired Wellness is also about making wellness and well being easier through direct work with you, your group or your organization.  Small groups are a passion of mine, as well as the personal touch of helping people experience their own "light bulb" moments of insight.